Apple TV Events App Updated Ahead of Next Week’s iPhone 8 Launch

Posted on September 5, 2017 by Rajesh Pandey.
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Ahead of its September 12 event next week, Apple has updated is Events app for the 4th gen Apple TV adding details and other relevant information to it. Continue reading

Now’s the time to trade in your iPhone for a new one, and Gazelle wants to help

Posted on by Tory Foulk.
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In light of new iPhones on the horizon, reCommerce company Gazelle is allowing iPhone users to lock in the selling value of their current device for a limited time.

The value of your current phone is declining fast, so if you're hoping to sell it for as much as possible before you upgrade to your shiny new device, speed is key. Essentially, as soon as Apple announces a new iPhone, the value of any past iPhone begins to plummet. So the closer you get to the release date of the new phone, the less your old phone is worth on sites that allow you to sell your used devices, such as Gazelle, Amazon and Swappa.

Fortunately, Gazelle announced on its website that for a limited time you can lock in the value of your iPhone, as long as you sign up now and have it boxed and mailed in by Oct. 22.

In addition, Gazelle has organized a "Get Paid to Trade" sweepstakes for those selling their devices during the promotional period between now and Oct. 22. If you participate, for each device you sell you get a chance to win the approximated value of the new iPhone 8 on a Visa gift card.

Selling your iPhone with Gazelle is fairly straightforward, so it shouldn't take you much time to hop on this deal - the website guides you through. As a test I went through the steps myself and it took me about three minutes from start to finish. However, if you need help better understanding the device-selling process, we've got you:

How to sell your iPhone

Pay What You Want For This Bundle To Master iOS 11 [Deals Hub]

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The release of iOS 11 is just around the corner, and it’s just as exciting a time for users as it is for developers. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to try your hand at mobile app development, there has never been a better time than right now. Get your start with the Complete iOS 11 Developer Bundle, on sale now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub for a price you can pick! Continue reading

iMore show 572: Peanut butter on both sides

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The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple!

Rene Ritchie flies solo this week—navigating an asteroid field of rumors and expectations for Apple's upcoming event on September 12. iMore's captain talks about new iPhones, Apple Watch Series 3, 4K and HDR coming to Apple TV, and more. Never tell him the odds!

Listen now

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Show notes


Be part of the show!

Send in your comments, questions, feedback, or follow-up to:

Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Hand Signals From Other Teams

Posted on by Evan Selleck.
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The Apple Watch can be used for a lot of good things, especially when it comes to fitness, but apparently one Major League Baseball team found a way to use the wearable for nefarious purposes. Continue reading

How to automatically install new apps to Apple Watch

Posted on by Mikah Sargent.
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Flip the switch on Automatic App Install and you'll never miss an Apple Watch app!

Apple Watch apps aren't like typical apps, they're actually part of them. Let me explain: Although they have a separate App Store within the Watch app for iOS, Apple Watch apps aren't stand-alone — developers package them within their iOS apps. You have the option to install the watchOS app on your Apple Watch, but it's part of a package deal with its iOS app companion. That means — depending on the apps you have installed on your iPhone — you likely have loads of available Apple Watch apps! If you want to give 'em all a go (as well as any apps you download here on out), just flip the switch to enable Automatic App Install. Follow along to learn how!

How to automatically install new apps to Apple Watch

Follow along with these steps to learn how to automatically install watchOS apps on your Apple Watch.

  1. Launch the Watch app for iOS.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap to toggle on Automatic App Install.

Here's how Apple describes the feature: "When this is on and you have apps on your iPhone that also work with Apple Watch, those apps will automatically install and appear on your home screen."

Believe it or not, that's it! Give your Apple Watch some time to download available watchOS apps and you're well on your way to tapping, swiping, and glancing on your Watch.


Did you have any trouble getting Automatic App Install to work? Have any thoughts about installing all available watchOS apps on your Apple Watch? Give us a shout in the comments with your questions and thoughts!

Apple Pay Support Arrives at 13 New Banks and Credit Unions in the U.S.

Posted on by Evan Selleck.
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Apple Pay is seeing a baker’s dozen worth of new additions to its list of banks and credit unions that support the mobile payment option. Continue reading

Tech companies take a stand against DACA repeal

Posted on by Tory Foulk.
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Various tech companies are responding to Trump's repeal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) by defending the policy and showing that they stand with those affected.

DACA is a vital program that protects individuals who immigrated as children from deportation and authorizes them to work in the United States. If no legislation solution takes DACA's place soon, these individuals will be subject to immediate deportation and gradual termination from work and school.

Check back throughout the day — we'll be adding more tech company responses as we come across them.


In an email obtained by iMore, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he pledges to support Apple employees affected by the DACA repeal. Because Trump is phasing out the DACA program over the next six months to give Congress time to replace it, Cook stated that Apple will work with Congress to come up with legislation that still allows for the protection of immigrants and their children. The letter is as follows:


America promises all its people the opportunity to achieve their dreams through hard work and perseverance. At Apple, we've dedicated ourselves to creating products that empower those dreams. And at our best, we aspire to be part of the promise that defines America.

Earlier today, the Justice Department announced that President Trump will cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months if Congress does not act to make the program permanent.

I am deeply dismayed that 800,000 Americans — including more than 250 of our Apple coworkers — may soon find themselves cast out of the only country they've ever called home.

DACA recognizes that people who arrived in the United States as children should not be punished for being here illegally. It lets these Americans, who have successfully completed rigorous background investigations, go to school, earn a living, support their families, pay taxes and work toward achieving their dreams like the rest of us. They are called Dreamers, and regardless of where they were born, they deserve our respect as equals.

I've received several notes over the weekend from Dreamers within Apple. Some told me they came to the U.S. as young as two years old, while others recounted they don't even remember a time they were not in this country.

Dreamers who work at Apple may have been born in Canada or Mexico, Kenya or Mongolia, but America is the only home they've ever known. They grew up in our cities and towns, and hold degrees from colleges across the country. They now work for Apple in 28 states.

They help customers in our retail stores. They engineer the products people love and they're building Apple's future as part of our R&D teams. They contribute to our company, our economy and our communities just as much as you and I do. Their dreams are our dreams.

I want to assure you that Apple will work with members of Congress from both parties to advocate for a legislative solution that provides permanent protections for all the Dreamers in our country.

We are also working closely with each of our co-workers to provide them and their families the support they need, including the advice of immigration experts.

On behalf of the hundreds of employees at Apple whose futures are at stake; on behalf of their colleagues and on behalf of the millions more across America who believe, as we do, in the power of dreams, we issue an urgent plea for our leaders in Washington to protect the Dreamers so their futures can never be put at risk in this way again.

Despite this setback for our nation, I'm confident that American values will prevail and we will continue our tradition of welcoming immigrants from all nations. I'll do whatever I can to assure this outcome.


Cook also expressed his support for Dreamers and DACA on Twitter.


Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, showed his support for Dreamers and his desire to protect DACA on Twitter.


Spotify is standing against the DACA repeal by releasing a playlist featuring empowering songs and encouraging messages from artists who wish to stand in solidarity with the 800,000 Americans affected. The playlists features musicians such as Logic, DJ Khaled, Demi Lovato, Juanes and Jared Leto.


Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg called for the president to keep the DACA program in place with a post on his Facebook page. He emphasized that Dreamers deserve the chance to contribute to their country and community.

I stand with the Dreamers -- the young people brought to our country by their parents. Many have lived here as long as they can remember. Dreamers have a special love for this country because they can't take living here for granted. They understand all the opportunities they have and want nothing more than the chance to serve their country and their community. And Dreamers deserve that chance.


Microsoft President Brad Smith also joined the ranks of those supporting Dreamers. In a blog post, he stated that protecting those affected by the DACA repeal is an issue more pressing than tax reform. He also asserted that that Dreamers are an integral part of our nation's fabric and called other tech companies to defend their legal rights as well.

For Microsoft, the first step is clear. The administration has given Congress six months to replace DACA with new legislation. We believe this means that Congress now needs to reprioritize the fall legislative calendar and move quickly with new legislation to protect these 800,000 Dreamers. This means that Congress should adopt legislation on DACA before it tries to adopt a tax reform bill. This is the only way, given the number of legislative days Congress has scheduled over the next six months, we realistically can expect Congress to complete DACA legislation in time.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also shared some words on Twitter:


Tech giant IBM shared their desire to protect those affected by the DACA repeal with a series of tweets and retweets, beginning with this statement showing their support.

Tech Industry

Several companies, including some of those listed here, also sent a letter to Trump on Aug. 31 to discourage the president from repealing DACA. You can read the full text of the letter here.

Learn more about DACA and the Dreamers movement here.

BB-8, BB-9E, and R2-D2 by Sphero: are they worth it?

Posted on by Russell Holly.
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What exactly are you spending $129 on?

While undeniably cute and the perfect size for any collector to add to a shelf, the app-controlled Star Wars Droids by Sphero are kind of expensive. If all you want is a little Star Wars-themed Droid you can drive around like an RC car, you can get away with spending less than $50 in most places. If you want something a little nicer and a lot more featureful, Sphero has a kit unlike anything else you can buy today.

For the unconvinced, here's what makes these Droids special.

LOTS of detail

These aren't just little toys to be driven around. Sphero put the time in to make sure these Droids are all movie-accurate and meticulously detailed. You won't find any leftover plastic or bleeding colors on these, and the materials used are engineered to last. The sounds that accompany these Droids are movie-accurate as well, and while BB-8 and BB-9E use the speaker on your phone for all the sound, you'll find R2-D2 has its own speaker that is plenty loud enough to enjoy. These are collector-quality models with lights and sounds to match, and plenty durable enough to survive actually being played with.

For example, R2-D2 has a mode in the app where it will rock back and forth and then fall over on purpose. That fall is LOUD, and is accompanied by internal sounds that would leave a casual observer to believe some serious damage had been dealt. Star Wars fans will immediately recognize this as a recreation of the scene when a restraining bolt was forcibly attached to the Droid, but it's a little alarming to see a $129 toy fall like this. I've pressed that particular button about 50 times since taking R2-D2 out of the box, and you won't find a single scratch on this thing.

The BBs are just as durable, even when driving the Droids over gravel and coarse sidewalk and even picking a fight or two with my dog. You'll need to wipe down the bodies after rough play, and probably shouldn't let the dog chew on the heads for too long, but there are no defects. These Droids are built to last, and that's great for people who look forward to playing with these for a long time.

No hands required

Driving these Droids around is a lot of fun, but there's an automated "sentry" mode in the app that will send your Droid into autopilot. It will drive around your room and appear as though it is inspecting things and keeping an eye out for you. This drive mode is really more so you can enjoy these characters the way you would in the movies, and is complimented by an mode in the app that helps trick you into thinking the Droid is actually scanning and plotting.

BB-8 and BB-9E are not at all alike

We don't know a lot about BB-9E as a character yet, the general assumption being that we'll meet this little Droid in the next Star Wars movie, but it's easy to look at the model and wonder of this is just a black version of the BB-8 model that has been out for a while already. The designs for these two units are basically identical, right down to being able to swap their heads. That's kind of the point though, since they are both BB units. Outside of this detail, playing with these two Droids offers very different experiences.

Both BB-8 and BB-9E have "personalities" that include reacting to bumps and turns differently, and the app has a whole set of commands that are unique to each droid to give a unique look and feel too. BB-8 is generally more bubbly and positive, while BB-9E is terse and downright grumpy with some of the sounds it makes. The app is also themed to match the Droid you are driving, but that's not as big a change obviously.

As for actually comparing the two Droids themselves, the blue positioning light in BB-9E is easier to see through the semi-transparent black shell when playing outdoors. BB-9E is also noticeably faster than the BB-8 released on the first Force Friday, and both are way faster than R2-D2.

AR Mode is a lot of fun

BB-9E comes with a secondary dock, something the original BB-8 did not come with and R2-D2 does not include. This dock is for the Augmented Reality mode in the app, which is a lot more fun than I expected it to be. With BB-9E, you are exploring Supremacy, the Mega-class Star Destroyer where Supreme Leader Snoke currently lives. This AR mode lets you drive around Supremacy as BB-9E, and as you explore, you'll learn things about the First Order and its capabilities.

BB-8 and R2-D2 also have AR Modes in the app where you get to explore other ships, but the most immersive experience is absolutely BB-9E. If you own both BB-8 and BB-9E you can share a dock and make the BB-8 experience better, but out of the box this is something particularly great for the First Order's little rolling ball.

Watch your favorite Star Wars movie with your Droid

This is what happens when Lyra Erso dies in Rogue One.

You can set these Droids on the coffee table in front of you or beside you on the couch and watch Star Wars movies with them. The app on your phone syncs up with the movie, and each Droid has unique reactions to key points in the movies. BB-8 will appear afraid when the bad guys are doing something, for example.

If you have kids, watching them as they interact with the Droids during a movie is amazing. If you don't have kids, do this anyway. It's a ton of fun, and one of the things that make these Droid truly unique.

Are these Droids worth it? Absolutely

For the build quality, feature set, and general style of these Droids it's easy to see why they're priced at $129 a piece. The battery life is great as well, on average getting about 45 minutes of nonstop play time on a single charge and recharging in less than an hour. Whether you're considering one Droid or all three, these belong in the collection of every Star Wars fan.

Find BB-9E on Amazon

Find R2-D2 on Amazon

Find BB-8 on Amazon

Apple Seeds tvOS 11 Beta 10 to Developers

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While Apple is keeping the majority of announcements surrounding tvOS 11 quiet until later this year, that isn’t stopping the company from issuing new betas for developers. Continue reading

YouTube Now Supports Live Streaming iPhone’s Screen, Easier Chat Moderation

Posted on by Evan Selleck.
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Today, YouTube officially announced a brand new update to its iOS app, which will allow users to live stream more content and add better moderation tools for its chat system. Continue reading

What’s in Rene’s iPhone 8 Event gear bag?

Posted on by Rene Ritchie.
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What does our editorial director, Rene Ritchie, carry with him to cover events? Here's the list!

Apple's iPhone 8 event is on Tuesday June 12, and I'm already figuring out what I'll be packing my bags. Right now, all the gear I'm taking with me is on standby for final review. The specifics of that gear has grown, shrunk, and changed over the years. I used to lug a DSLR and several big hunks of glass with me as went. Now I go iPhone-only. Sometimes it's with a MacBook Pro, other times an iPad Pro. So, what's my go-to go-bag this time?

  • Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack: Kevin Michaluk recommended this bag to me and I love almost everything about it. It's stylish and small, but holds a ton of gear.
  • Travelpro Platinum Magna 2 22-inch: I travel light and try to stick to carry-on. A lot of suitcase recommendations I've gotten have been too big for the airlines I fly. Travelpro has been perfect. I just wish it didn't have the front section so I could have full depth in the main compartment.
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro: This is the MacBook Air with Pro power I've always wanted. Sure, the Touch Bar is ok, but Touch ID is great. It's the best MacBook I've ever owned. Can't wait to use it at the show.
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro: 10.5-inch iPad Pro packs almost as much productivity into its frame as the full-on 12.9-inch version but is much easier to carry around. Especially if you're already carrying an MacBook Pro.
  • Smart Keyboard: I know my colleagues have been wooed by Logitech but I already have a MacBook Pro with me so this is more about sleekness than clickity-clack-ness for me.
  • Apple Pencil: For sketching on iPad Pro on the go. Maybe I'll diagram more this year?
  • Apple Pen: Picked this up at the Infinite Loop Apple Store. Sadly, customs forms still require ink.
  • iPhone 7 Plus: The closest thing yet to a hand computer. I can run almost everything from this, and for an iPhone event, I'll need to. Also: Thanks to the 2x zoom and Portrait Mode, I can even take real product shots now. Swoon. This year, I'm bringing two of them. I used to carry a smaller iPhone 7 but once I got the (Product) RED, I realized twice that amazing camera and battery life is twice as good.
  • Apple Watch Edition Series 2: It's gotten to the point where, if I'm not wearing my Watch, I notice it almost immediately. This year, that means the ceramic edition. It's such a great look. Also bringing two of these, in case the beta is a challenge and I want to keep my regular watch on the release.
  • Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones: Yup, they need to be charged and there's a huge dongle on the bottom, but when you flip the switch and the sound of the aircraft engines or din or the coffee shop disappears, you don't care. You just enjoy.
  • Apple AirPods: I've been using them since they were first announced and, while I can't use them on the in-flight entertainment system, I can and do use them for everything else.
  • Pokémon Go Plus. I'm so close to level 40, but I'll have little time to play at WWDC. But I may have time to click! So, I'm taking the PoGo Plus with me so I can keep racking up the XP while I'm gone.
  • mophie Powerstation: Tons of juice, wrapped in rose gold. Because nothing shreds battery life like roaming ... and, yeah, sigh, I may want some west coast Pokémon, dagnabit!

I'm also bringing a bunch of power adapters, port adapters, and cables. There's also a chance I'll add to or change some of this lineup before I jump on the plane. If so, I'll update accordingly.

Either way, the keynote kicks off at 10am PDT/1pm EDT on Tuesday, September 12, 2017 and we'll be bringing it to you live!

You can follow my travels @reneritchie on Twitter or @reneritchie on Instagram.

Interested in more?

You can see everything I'm currently using — for travel, at home, and in the office — at

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Moleskine announces Smart Planner that syncs to your iCloud calendar

Posted on by Tory Foulk.
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Moleskine's newest addition to their Smart Writing Set automatically syncs to your iCloud and Google calendars, saving an extra step for diehard lovers of handwritten notes.

According to TechCrunch, this will be achieved through a combination of Moleskine's Pen+ and special sensor-laden paper.

To use the Smart Planner, you'll simply write in your appointments with your Pen+ as you would with any other paper planner. The Smart Writing system will then read what you've written and sync it to your calendar of choice automatically. There will also be a notes section of the planner which will, should you choose to utilize it, sync with the Moleskine Notes app.

There is a bit of a catch, however. Currently the Pen+ isn't sold on its own - it's only available as part of Moleskine's Smart Writing Set. Therefore newcomers will have to invest in the set, which isn't exactly cheap at $197.95. If you already own Moleskine's Smart Writing system, however, the planner alone will only set you back $29 once it's released worldwide on Sept. 12. If you're hesitant to take the plunge, it's worth considering that the Smart Planner will be the only one currently on the market able to sync with your iCloud Calendar.

For nerds like me who are interested in the layout of the planner itself, it will be organized in a weekly format with a section for each of the seven days on the lefthand page. The righthand page for each week will be dedicated exclusively to note-taking.

As an extremely picky agenda enthusiast and avid handwriter, I'm interested to see what doors the Smart Planner opens for people who often find themselves swimming against the tide re: digital calendars. Unfortunately, there isn't a preorder option just yet - we'll update with a link as soon as it's available. Until then, I'll be clutching my trusty paper planner to my chest and waiting.

Thoughts? Questions?

If you're an old-fashioned paper agenda user, do you think the Smart Planner will help usher you into the world of digital calendars? If you already use the Smart Writing system, will you add the Smart Planner to your collection? Let us know in the comments or send us a tweet!

Customize the Appearance of the iPhone Volume HUD with Castro [Jailbreak Tweak]

Posted on by Ali Hassan Mahdi.
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One of the UI elements of iOS that needs a much needed change is the stock volume HUD which has remained the same over the past few iterations of iOS. There are a bunch of tweaks in Cydia that redesign the volume HUD to make it more user-friendly and less obstrusive, but a new tweak called Castro takes a different approach to dealing with this situation. Continue reading

WhatsApp Building Business Tools For Small Businesses and Enterprises

Posted on by Rajesh Pandey.
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WhatsApp today announced that it in the coming months it will be testing and providing businesses with tools that will make it easier for them to interact with their customers over the messaging platform. Many businesses in India are already using WhatsApp to keep in touch with their clients but due to the lack of proper tools, the process is quite cumbersome. Continue reading

Make streaming easier with a Roku Express for $25 or Fire TV Stick for $35

Posted on by John Levite.
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This deal from Thrifter features two Roku devices for just $25 today!

If you've got $25 to spend, you can get a Roku today. The Roku Express is down to $25 on Amazon. It's normally $30 and has never had a direct price drop this low.

The Roku Express+ in certified refurbished condition. These are sold by MallStop, which has a 99% positive rating with over 11,000 reviews, through Amazon. Normally, the Express+ is $35 refurbished or new.

The Roku Express is a media streaming device that gives you access to the entire Roku lineup, which includes more than 4,500 streaming channels. All of the big names like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Pandora, are available. Both devices plug into your TV via HDMI, offer 1080p HD streaming and have an infrared remote control.

The major difference between the Express and the Express+ is the latter is backwards compatible with older TVs and comes with a composite A/V cable (the cable with red, yellow, and white ports).

Both devices are a great way to get access to a lot of your favorite shows without paying a monthly price for cable. If you really want to cut the cord, invest in one of these simple HDTV antennae to get broadcasting stations near you.

Amazon is also offering the Fire TV Stick for just $34.99, which is a savings of $5 from its regular price.

See the Express at Amazon See the Express+ at Amazon

More from Thrifter:

For more great deals be sure to check out our friends at Thrifter now!

Apple News Publisher: Everything you need to know!

Posted on by Joseph Keller.
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Apple News Publisher is the official tool for publishing content to Apple News. Here's what you need to know.

Apple News Publisher is the tool that allows people to set up and publish content to the Apple News app on iPhone and iPad. Open to anyone with an iCloud account, News Publisher lets you do everything from managing your publication's branding to posting articles directly to your publication.

Here's everything you need to know about Apple News Publisher.

What's new with Apple News Publisher?

Apple recently updated Apple News Publisher with a fresh design, including a brand new analytics dashboard, new fonts, and a new interface. Apple News Publisher users will now see Articles, Analytics, and Settings sections at the top of this new layout, and each of these sections feature a new sidebar list of topics for that particular section.

What is Apple News Publisher?

Apple News Publisher is Apple's tool to help people and publications publish their content onto Apple News. It's an iCloud application, and you can sign up for Apple News Publisher if you have an iCloud account. Once you sign up, you'll be able to access News Publisher at any time by heading to the Home screen of and clicking on News Publisher.

How do I get started with Apple News Publisher?

The first thing you'll need to do is head to the News Publisher website. You'll need to sign in with your Apple ID, then go about setting up your channel. Enter the various pieces of information asked of you, including a channel name that matches the name of your publication or business. You can also include a URL and upload a logo if you have one. News Publisher will also ask for your contact information.

You'll then have to get approved as a publisher by submitting at least three articles for review. After you're approved you can get getting your stories published through Apple News.

How do my stories get published to Apple News?

There are two ways that you can use News Publisher to get your content on Apple News. First, you can create articles within News Publisher itself. You can create a new article directly in Publisher, choosing from various templates, entering text and images, and picking titles and subtitles. You can also reformat your text, add links, and more.

If you already publish to a blog or other online publication, you can use the Apple News API or a plug-in to connect your existing content management system (CMS) to News Publisher. You'll need to send at least three articles from your CMS to News Publisher, after which you'll be able to inspect how they will look in the News app on iPhone and iPad.

Does Apple need to approve all of the articles that I publish through Apple News?

No. After your initial three articles submitted to get your channel set up, you can publish the rest of your content without further approval from Apple.

What formats does Apple News Publisher support?

News Publisher supports two publishing formats, Apple News Format (ANF) and RSS. For ANF articles, these can be created directly in News Publisher or using your current CMS if you have one. For RSS, you'll need to add the desired RSS feed to News Publisher and request approval. You can switch from RSS to ANF at any time.

What is a channel?

Your channel is a representation of your publication in the News app. All of the content that you publish to your channel in News Publisher appears in your publication in Apple News on iPhone and iPad. You can create multiple channels if you have multiple publications.

What are sections?

A section in News is like a section in a newspaper or on a news website, something like Politics, Business, or Sports. While each publication has one default section, you can add more at any time through News Publisher.

News Publisher also allows you to add up to 25 sections, though Apple recommends six to eight as a desirable range.

Can I give other people access to my publication?

You can add members to your Apple News publication in News Publisher. These members can be assigned different roles for a publication, including Administrator, Editor-in-Chief, Editor, Sales, or Viewer, and they can all be given specific permissions. A member's role can be changed at any time by an Administrator in News Publisher.

Additionally, Administrators can delete members at any time. If you need to revoke an access invitation for your publication, you'll have to do it before the member accepts it.

Can I edit my Apple News articles once they've been published?

If you created an article in News Publisher, you can edit it right there, while article created in an external CMS will need to be edited there. You can also delete any draft or published article, though it might take a few minutes to disappear from Apple News.

Can I keep specific articles at the top of my publication in Apple News?

You can promote up to three of your published articles in each section of your publication. This will move those articles to the top of their designated section in Apple News, making sure that readers will see them when they open your publication.

What sort of analytic data can I see?

News Publisher offers detailed analytics for channels that utilize the Apple News Format. This data covers things like unique and total views, how many times an article has been shared, how many people have 'loved' an article, and demographic data. If your channel has a subscription option, News Publisher also tells you how many of your unique users have one.

Much of this data is available at both the channel level and the article level.

Can I have advertising in my publication?

There are two ways for ads to be sold for your publication: you can sell them yourself or Apple can sell ads for you. If your publication is set up in the Apple News Format, you'll need to have an account with the Apple Developer Program. If you do, you'll be able to use Workbench to manage ad placement if you choose to do that on your own.

Does Apple take a cut of my ad revenue?

That depends on who is selling your adds. If you sell your ads yourself, you keep 100% of the revenue, while you'll keep 70% of the revenue if you have Apple sell the ads for you.


If you have any other questions about Apple News Publisher, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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Listen to studio-quality sound at its lowest price ever with the $63 Status Audio CB-1 headphones

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Amazon has the Status Audio CB-1 over-ear headphones for $63 today. The street price for these headphones is $80, and this drop to $63 is a match for the lowest price ever.

The CB-1 headphones are perfectly made for the audiophile who cares more about sound than about design. In most of the critic reviews for these headphones, the biggest negative is the design is generic, but all of them praise the sound. Thanks to Status Audio compromising a bit in design, you get quality studio sound for a lot less than you might expect to pay. That's a good trade off to me compared to something like Beats that notoriously overcharges for design and compromises on sound.

Features for these headphones include:

  • Designed for audio professionals who make a living with their craft
  • 50mm drivers deliver analytical, neutral sound signature
  • Ergonomic ear-pads for long recording sessions
  • Two detachable cables, coiled and straight, with twist-lock function
  • Foldable - headphones collapse into a small form factor

Users give these headphones 4.7 stars based on 370 reviews.

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Best Smart Locks

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Upgrade your door lock to make home security a little more convenient! Here are the best smart locks full of brains and brawn to protect your home.

Whether you're just tired of losing your keys, or you're already in the process of automating your home, a key part of this process is choosing a smart lock that fits your needs. Take a look at our list of the best smart locks to help you decide.

Best smart locks that support HomeKit

Best smart locks if you don't require HomeKit support

Best smart locks that support HomeKit


The August smart lock's appearance is immediately striking and will give any door a futuristic look — with your choice of dark gray or silver finishes. You can use your smartphone to remotely unlock or lock your door, or you can set up a proximity lock: Your door will unlock when you get approach with your phone and lock when you move away.

August's smart lock is listed among the Wirecutter's choices for best smart lock, especially for those who prefer to keep their existing hardware (I'm looking at you, renters!).

August lets you create virtual keys for friends and family staying at your place, and keep tabs on the comings and goings of your household using a built-in 24/7 activity log. The August smart lock requires no wiring and installs using an existing deadbolt. It's also HomeKit-enabled, so you can use Siri and the new Home app to control your locks.

Consider the August if you'd like a smart lock that keeps track of activity and is fully compatible your iPhone and iPad. You can grab the August Smart Lock for about $200 on Amazon.

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Kwikset Premis

The Kwikset Premis smart lock features a capacitive touchscreen keypad in an all-metal enclosure. It comes in two finishes: Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze.

You can lock and unlock your door using the keypad, the Kwikset app, or — thanks to HomeKit compatibility — Siri. The Premis offers up ongoing lock status information, so you can see who locked and unlocked your door and when they did it. It also features some handy security improvements, like an alarm that sounds after three incorrect code entries and SecureScreen, which requires you to touch two random numbers before entering your code (so no one can use your fingerprints to guess your entry code).

The Kwikset Premis is a great smart lock for anyone who wants a well-designed lock from a trusted company, but you'll need to be comfortable with replacing your door hardware. The Kwikset Premis is available on Amazon for about $230.

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Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

For those especially concerned with security, the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt meets the highest industry rating for security. Access combinations can have up to eight digits, and its memory holds up to 30 access codes at a time making it perfect for large families with frequent trusted visitors. It has a built-in alarm which goes off during tampering attempts or following damage to your door, and it comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty.

The Schlage Sense comes in three finishes in two separate trims, so it can better fit in with your existing exterior hardware.

You can connect the Schlage Sense to Apple's HomeKit to further optimize your home.

The Schlage Sense is a great option for anyone who wants a high security rating with the convenience of a smart lock. You can pick up one of these smart locks for about $200 on Amazon.

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Best smart locks if you don't require HomeKit support

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Given that this smart lock consistently receives a Wirecutter recommendation and it's also a popular, best-selling product, we have no problem giving Kwikset's Kevo smart lock a place on our list.

The Kevo comes in two styles: a full replacement for your existing deadbolt or an August-Smart-Lock-style conversion kit that fits into your existing deadbolt.

Kevo offers a keyless, touch-to-open feature by using Bluetooth technology to recognize your smartphone and authenticate your identity. You needn't go searching for your keys — just touch the deadbolt and unlock!

To keep track of your Kevo lock outside of the home, you can purchase the Kevo Plus — a WiFi connected device that gives you remote access to your smart lock.

Kevo is a great option for just about anyone looking to upgrade their dumb deadbolt — so long as you're not interested in HomeKit compatibility. Amazon lists the Kevo Smart Lock for about $200.

See at Amazon

Yale Real Living

Yale's Real Living smart lock features a backlit touchscreen keypad that makes your door look futuristic and secure at the same time. If the appearance of security isn't enough to deter would-be thieves, a built-in alarm will sound when someone attempts to tamper with the lock or when too many attempts have been made with the wrong code. The Real Living smart lock features Z-Wave technology so you can tie it into most home automation systems and control it remotely with your phone. Up to 250 unique entrance codes can be created for friends and family, and you can lock them all out with privacy mode — ideal for when you're out of town.

Available in three colors — oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, or satin nickel — you should check out Yale's Real Living smart lock if you're in the market for a lock that is easy to install and set-up. You can get Yale's Real Living smart lock for about $200 on Amazon.

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Schlage Connect

The Schlage Lever smart lock is ideal for those of you with no deadbolt on your door. It features Z-Wave technology so you can hook it up with your home automation system and control it remotely with your phone. And communication works both ways: You can receive text or email alerts anytime your door is locked or unlocked.

This smart lock has a touchscreen keypad for entering your entry code. There's also a vacation mode to disable all codes while you're away. The two-piece system is available in aged bronze, polished bright brass, or a satin nickel finish to suit your home's style.

If you enjoy receiving up-to-the-minute information about the activity in your home, have a look at the Schlage Lever. It's available for just under $180 on Amazon.

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Your favorite smart lock?

Let us know is the comments section below what you use to keep your home safe!

Updated September 2017: This article has been updated to reflect new and updated features for the listed smart locks.